Spending time at the beach can change your brain in an incredible way!

As we all know spending time out is great for you, both on a physical and mental level, but the benefits of spending time specifically at the beach are becoming more well known. Incredible feeling of peace and calm, which you can experience at the beach is now being referred to as ‘blue space’.  

Scientists have dubbed the effect which a combination of soothing smells and sounds of water has on your brain. The blue space is enough to make you feel at ease in a hypnotic kind of way.

4. Spending time at the beach can change your perspective on life.

And that perspective is going to change for the better! Nature in general has always been a factor in healthy happy lives, but the beach in particular is so good for the soul. So pack your notebook, suncream & book flights somewhere, because it’s time to head to the beach!

Did you know, there are more than 4 beaches in 15 min. radius from the Wolfhouse® Los Gigantes?

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Martin Studencan
Martin Studencan
Chief Executive Officer