The Etiquette of Traveling (5 useful tips)

Whether you go for a trip to another country alone, or you have a team retreat, it’s always good to take into consideration local customs and traditions. Not being aware of them can result in funny situations at very best. Sometimes the etiquette of traveling differs so much from one country to another so that it is almost impossible to remember when it is appropriate to chew out loud and not appropriate to show certain gestures.

Here are some useful tips that can help you blend or even avoid trouble while travelling.

1. Mexico

You will be surprised but Mexicans love to joke a lot. Foreigners sometimes get offended by their jokes but no need to hold grudges and take it too seriously. 

etiquette of traveling

2. Germany

If you are too friendly, this might look suspicious to Germans as they will need more time to get to know you better. Also, don’t stare at people. This one may actually be weird everywhere, not only in Germany. 🙂 Oh, and don’t wish them happy birthday in advance as it is considered a bad sign here.

3. Chile

Eating food with your fingers and not using cutlery is simply rude here. Also, be really cautious when crossing the road, don’t expect cars just to stop at zebra, always check both sides.

person holding spaghetti

4. Turkey

Turkish people will really appreciate it when you learn some basic phrases in their language. Knowing to say such simple things as Thank you or Have a nice day will help you to establish cordial relationships with locals. Besides, never refuse if you are being offered tea, this would be super rude there.

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5. France

In France, you will get better service when before placing a request, you will exchange a couple nice words. Even simply asking for directions in the streets you should not get straight to your question without saying Hello and waiting for the reply.

These tips seem so simple and yet they are so effective if you want to blend in or at least not to be rude and there is of course much more to it. This was just the first part of the tips so stay tuned for Part 2.

Inna Demianko
Inna Demianko
Retreat Specialist