Maguss’ Team Retreat in Tenerife

Duration: 2 Weeks
Balance: 70% Work / 30% Play
Main Goals: To finish new build of the game. To bond & improve team communication.
Team Building: Hiking Activity & Surfing Lessons

Bio: Maguss is a free-to-play AR wizarding mobile MMORPG, where you can cast spells on your smartphone, or using the Maguss Wand! Walk to raid dungeons and collect ingredients, study to learn spells, brew potions and fight to earn respect and glory. While the world is a stage, you are the lead actor. Watch the video, where Ondrej evaluates his team’s 2-week long retreat at the NextRetreat. Follow game development on Facebook, or crowd-fund their IndieGogo campaign.

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Maguss' Team Retreat in Tenerife

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Martin Studencan
Martin Studencan
Chief Executive Officer