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Planning Team Trip Easily with NextRetreat App 👩‍💻🌴 [Step-by-Step Walkthrough]

Planning team trips easily is actually possible. We know that managing a team trip can be a bit of a challenge. Researching the best practices, comparing lots of websites, browsing through hundreds of venues, and then realising that the one you really liked doesn’t have a dedicated working space for your team. Upon finally picking the venue that is available and meets your teams’ requirements and budget, you find out it’s too far away from the airport or there aren’t suitable flights for all your team members, just to start from scratch again.. 💆‍♀️

We understand the pain-points of organising team retreats, offsites and in-person meetups, and built NextRetreat based on years of experience organising team trips. NextRetreat is an easy-to-use tool streamlining the process of organising team trips, making the process clear, simple, and fast.

Here is how it works, step-by-step. In case you prefer video, here is NextRetreat application walkthrough on YouTube.

When on the, simply press the Start planning button.

1. Destination 🌴

Planning team trip is easy with NextRetreat
NextRetreat homepage

Add team locations

Whether you have a one or a couple of office locations, or a distributed team with team members scattered all around the world, it’s difficult to find a destination that suits everyone.

Start by adding your origin team locations or preferred departure points.

If you are planning a team trip 3-6 months ahead, you are not always sure how many team members will eventually attend. We understand this and you don’t have to specify the exact number of people at this point. However if you have an estimate, include the number of people. This will refine the results further.

Click Continue to retreat destination

NextRetreat original team locations page

Choose a destination

Picking the right destination where everyone can get effectively and comfortably is one of the most important aspects for a successful team trip. Thanks to our Destination Search Tool’s smart algorithm, you can discover destinations that match your original locations and work for everyone, taking into account the number of flight connections, average travel time, price and other details.

Anytime: If are not sure about dates yet, leave this blank. If you already know the month (eg. September 2021) or period (Winter 2021) when you’d like to travel, select it here.

All destinations: Choose what type of destination you are looking for. Currently you can filter them by sunny or mountainous (in case you eg. want to organise a winter retreat or ski trip), but we will be adding more soon.

Metric system: By clicking the °C button, you’ll change the weather information with the climate throughout the whole year on every destination card from °C to °F.

Best options first: All the destinations are sorted by default by the Best option first, which is the combination of the travel time and price. You can change the setting and sort them by solely travel time or lowest price, depending on your preference.

Map: On the map you can see the average travel time from all the original locations to the destination you hovered over.

Domestic travel: If your whole team is based in one country, you can choose from our selection of domestic destinations which allow you to stay within borders of your country and thus avoid international flights. All the domestic travel destinations are on top of the list ordered by the shortest travel time (either by car or plane).

Works for all team members: The Works for all team members label on destination cards means that all team members from all original locations that you have added are able to get to this particular destination with direct flights and/or max one flight change.

2 . Venue Search 🏡

You’ve decided where to go, now it’s time to choose the right venue for your team!

Max. people: If you haven’t stated the number of team members at the original Team locations page, specify here the maximum possible number of attending people. Some teams, when planning a trip months in advance, are not completely sure at this stage about the final number of participants, so type the maximum possible number of team members that you may need to host.

All properties: You may choose from Hotels, Apartments, and Other – which includes all the villas, holiday homes, residences, castles, log cabins and other unique properties for teams.

Price range: Set the maximum and/or the minimum price for a room per night per person.

Filters on the Venue Results Page

Smart filters: Are you looking for a venue with a dedicated meeting room for working and/or workshops? Mark it here. There’s also an option to display only NR icon Curated Venues – these were handpicked by our team of Retreat Specialists and meet the highest requirements (e.g. high rating, minimum number of bedrooms, distance from the airport, communal areas or meeting space for working and others), making them the most suitable for teams based on our know-how and experience.

Best options first: You can also sort out the venues by the distance from the airport or the lowest price.

NR Venue Results Page - Map

Select dates: And here comes the fun part..

  1. Do you already know dates? Just use the calendar to mark check-in and check-out.
    The x-axis offers you check-in dates and there are check-out dates on the y-axis.
  2. Want to deal with dates later and just browse?
    No problem, skip this step for now and leave the filter empty.
  3. Need some help to choose dates? Use our unique NR icon NR Sync Calendar to find the most suitable dates.
    It compares airports in your original locations and selected destination, thousands of return flights, and other data helping you choose the right dates when all team members can get to the selected destination efficiently.
    See the 100% in green boxes? It indicates that all the team members from all the original team locations you have stated previously will have (direct or max. 1 change flights) and be able to get to the selected destination or leave on the same day!

Choose venue and review details 📝

If you have found the venue that you like, here you can check out photos and review all important details including distance from airports, amenities & facilities, available rooms and booking conditions. If you are happy with the selection, review dates, add the preferred rooms and go to the next step – click Request to book.

– If you are not happy or the venue is not available at your preferred dates, you can return to Venue Search and try again.
– If you have any questions about the venue, need some help choosing the right one, the booking process or anything else, you can reach out to our Retreat Specialists.

3. Booking Request & Next Steps 🛫

Congratulations! 🎉 You have successfully chosen a destination, dates and venue for your team trip. 💪
To continue with the booking read carefully the summary of your request, booking policies and fill out the form to send us a booking request. We will take care of the rest. 🙂

For more details about the final steps of the booking process, visit our How it works or watch my NR app walkthrough video.

Using the NextRetreat app is straightforward and simple, helping you choose the right destination (internationally or domestically) and pick the perfect venue for your team. And for everything else, we are here to help!

Depending on the size of your team, organising a trip can take a lot of time and effort. Our team of Retreat Specialists are here to ensure you don’t miss any details and can help with designing your schedule. Whether your team needs airport transports, a flipchart, better internet or desires surf lessons & cooking classes, we have a network of trustworthy local providers in every destination that we can connect you with or book on your behalf.

Unfortunately, changes and accidents can also happen. You may need to add or remove some team members, contact a venue owner, or even cancel the trip altogether. We are here to assist and can manage all communication for you. Having one point of contact will give you peace of mind, allow you to spend more time with your team and help you enjoy your trip.

Ready to plan your next team trip?

Inna Demianko
Inna Demianko
Retreat Specialist