Top Places to Visit with your Team in Tenerife

We all experienced the excitement of travelling to new destinations and exploring new places. But at least in our case, the most rewarding thing, is leaving the touristic areas and discovering that local small restaurant or shop that is not mentioned on the guides and has the most amazing food or products.

This hidden jewels, as we like to call them at NextRetreat , are well-known to people living on the area, and have a that local community spirit that is sometimes hard to find when you are not familiar with the area.

Driven by the idea of providing information more efficiently about what to do & what to see, to our groups and teams, the Secret Map of Tenerife was born some time ago. We wanted to share our favourite places around the island of Tenerife, including touristic places, and hidden gems (marked with a golden key label) that we discovered on the island.

Top Places to Visit in Tenerife

We have now updated the Top Places to Visit in Tenerife Map, transformed it into a more user friendly format – separate landing page, splitting the locations into categories and including additional places and useful information.

Go explore!

Start planning an offsite for your team!

Martin Studencan
Martin Studencan
Chief Executive Officer