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NextRetreat launches the world’s first all-in-one solution for organising team travel

NextRetreat promises to cut down hundreds of hours of time spent organising company retreats or team offsites.

Bratislava, Slovakia – August 11, 2021 – Since the start of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, companies across the globe have been forced to move to remote or semi-remote working arrangements. In the process, business leaders and employees have learned about the pros and cons of this new way of working. As we move into the latter half of 2021, the downsides of remote working are becoming more apparent. NextRetreat offers the ideal solution to bring teams back together.

Team retreats on the rise

For distributed teams scattered around the globe, team retreats help to keep employees feeling happy, connected, refreshed and productive. They are also ideal for onboarding new hires.  

In the past, organising team travel would involve spending countless hours on Google and travel sites. Business leaders would be tasked with researching destinations, comparing flight options, looking at venues and comparing team member’s availability. But with NextRetreat, spending hours arranging these tedious details is a thing of the past. 

NextRetreat was designed exclusively for teams, whereas existing platforms like Expedia, and Airbnb have limited functionality for team bookings. Put simply, they don’t provide the type of information that’s needed when making a team booking, meaning it can be very time-consuming to narrow down your search. If you choose to use one of these sites for a large team booking, you’ll need to scroll through thousands of unsuitable venues. You will only have the option to search for a certain number of rooms, and they lack the type of post-purchase support that’s needed to arrange a successful team trip. 
“When planning a team trip, we understand how important details such as distance from the airport, size and quality of the venue, internet speed and dedicated workspace can be for you and your team,” explains Martin Studencan, Founder & CEO of NextRetreat.

All-in-one solution

NextRetreat combines all of these elements in one easy to use solution, making team travel organisation a breeze. “We effectively help you cut down up to 80 % of the time required to organise a legendary team trip.” According to NextRetreat, planning a team trip can take 100 or more hours, depending on the size of the company. “That is essentially 13 wasted workdays that could be invested more effectively”, continues Studencan. 

NextRetreat offers the easiest way to organise team travel, saving time and money in the process:

  1. Pick the right destination – discover the most suitable destinations to match your original work base locations. NextRetreat will find a trip destination that works for everyone, taking into account details such as the number of flight connections, average travel time and price. 
  1. Find and book the right venue for your team – Attention to detail is vital when booking a team trip. NextRetreat enables you to easily find a destination and venue designed to meet all the needs of your team. 
  1. Choose the most optimal dates – NextRetreat’s Sync Calendar compares flights from your original locations and selected destination alongside other data, helping you choose the best dates for your trip.

The NextRetreat platform provides clear and transparent pricing with no hidden fees, contracts or special software. Best of all, it’s currently free to use. “Thanks to the latest technological advancements and our innovative approach we can make the platform easy to use and accessible for everyone.” says Peter Kulcsar Szabo, NextRetreat’s CTO.

NextRetreat was designed exclusively for teams,
NextRetreat is designed exclusively for teams

From invite-only to public launch

Having identified the most significant pain points when organising team trips, NextRetreat developed its first version during the worldwide pandemic. After testing and optimising with invited users, NextRetreat is now launching the app to the public. 

“NextRetreat is amazing to help research and plan company retreats. As a Remote-First company, WeTravel organises a large all-hands retreat each year. With our fast growth, we now also have smaller team-specific retreats. In addition, NextRetreat’s automated platform saves us tons of time in destination-finding and planning!” says Johannes Koeppel, CEO of WeTravel, one of the early users.

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About the Company

NextRetreat is a travel technology startup based in Slovakia. Founded in 2020, it is  developing travel solutions for technological companies with remote teams. It has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Skift, Phocus Wire or EU-Startups. It has also been selected among ‘10 rising star startups from Slovakia to watch in 2021‘.

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Inna Demianko
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