Awesome Ideas for Team Building & Team Retreats in Tenerife (Part 1)

In this series, we are presenting various fun and exciting team bonding activities, that you can exercise with your team or a group in Tenerife. All NextRetreat activities in Tenerife can be purchased as a part of any team retreat, or with booking of any venue in Tenerife.


Even though this sport was practiced in the ancient Polynesian culture, it was in the last century when it became very popular. The improvement of the transport infrastructure (which made the access to the surf spots easier), combined with the introduction of new board materials and the creation of surf contests, lead to a huge increment on the interest in this sport.

But there is no doubt about why more and more people want to practice surf every day. Surfing is a challenging, but very amusing activity in which you make all your major muscles work, while being in natural environment and getting an adrenaline kick. Who needs more?

Even if you are a beginner or you want to improve your surfing skills, we offer you surfing lessons with an ISA licensed instructor for only 32€/person. Oh, and the equipment is included!


Would you prefer something more relaxed? No problem! Leave the waves behind and get on an excursion along the giant cliffs of Los Gigantes, the biggest ones in Spain and Europe. You will be able to pick between going on a longboard or a kayak. The choice is yours!

‘The Giants’ are rock formations that reach up to 360 meters tall, and are a incomparable setting for practising this sort of activity. The quiet waters of this area are perfect for beginners as well, and it is known for its rich biodiversity. If you are lucky you can even spot dolphins!

Our guide will take you from ‘Playa de los Guios’ (the main beach in Los Gigantes) to a secret beach between the cliffs where you can have a snack and some rest before heading back to the shore (drinks and snacks included). Two and half long excursion for only 30EUR/person.


Tenerife is an island full of contrasts, due to the various microclimates and morphologies of the island. From thick forests to lunar landscapes, Tenerife gives you the opportunity to discover many beautiful and unique scenarios.

Masca Mountains: One of the options is to take a hike from Masca Mountains (750 above the sea) to a small hidden beach. Masca town has been declared a cultural and historical patrimony. The route starts from a XVIII century Church, and starts descending as you are going towards the sea. The route can be completed in 3,5 hours (4,5 km) at a relaxed pace.

Maguss team at Masca

During the hiking you will discover unique landscapes with local flora and fauna, and also, depending on the time of the year, the vertical walls that surround the path create small waterfalls and natural pools. At the end of the route a taxi boat will take you back from the beach to Los Gigantes. Cost of the whole trip is 40 EUR per person. Want to know more about other hiking routes in Tenerife? Check out the NextRetreat guide that our hiking guide and photographer, Matus, prepared!

Awesome Ideas for Team Building & Team Retreats in Tenerife (Part 1)

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