6 Signs Of Fatigue Or That You Really Need A Team Retreat

That feeling when you meet deadlines in time, your work is the one you’ve always dreamt of, your boss is the most understanding boss in the world, and your colleagues make the most joint and reliable team.

But something bugs you.

What could be wrong then?

Don’t worry, it’s ok not to feel content all the time. It may not be the burn out just yet, but it’s very possible that the thing that disturbs you is fatigue.

You need a team retreat to boost your and your team's productivity.

Even if you are motivated strongly enough, fatigue can spoil it all and you can’t do anything about it.

Hold on, actually, you can.

We are going to share with you the top 6 signs that can tell you that you should getaway with your colleagues on a team retreat. 👩‍💻🌴

1. There is a beach photo on your desktop and a concrete jungle in your window.

Even though you’re used to your everyday scenery at work, you’re getting a bit fed up with it for no reason. You get easily distracted watching people passing by, you don’t know what to order for lunch and you always end up ordering the same new thing but still spend your precious seconds thinking about getting something new this time. And yeah, those talks about going on vacation are so annoying at once.

6 Signs Of Fatigue Or That You Really Need A Team Retreat

2. You lose focus.

You find yourself nearly pouring your coffee into your dog’s bowl. You can’t remember what have happened literally 5 minutes ago. You make mistakes more often. You can’t deal with multitasking the way you did before. Making decisions takes for you now longer than usual.

All these symptoms can suggest that you have difficulties with concentration, which may have negative impact on your working performance and well-being.

6 Signs Of Fatigue Or That You Really Need A Team Retreat

3. You have a hard time falling asleep.

“Why can’t I sleep?” is a common question during a hectic week. You can’t help proofreading emails in your head generating witty responses you’re gonna use next time you have a chance. As soon as you close your eyes, check boxes start emerging before them and you desperately need to put ticks in them instead of starting counting sheep.

4. You can’t get enough of sleep.

Besides not being able to fall asleep at night you may have a completely different issue – feeling exhausted and sleepy all the time. Your lack of sleep can betray you at any moment. However, think of how dangerous it might be if you zonked out not during a meeting but while driving, for instance.

6 Signs Of Fatigue Or That You Really Need A Team Retreat

5. Keeping tons of tabs open in your browser.

Have you ever noticed the resemblance of your brain with your browser? You’ve got plenty of tabs opened there so that you simply get lost and don’t know where to click first. And when you find the one, you forget, why you were looking for it. Absent-mindedness is another red flag you need to pay attention to.

6. Nothing is funny.

You get irritated when you hear a joke because those jokes are always dumb. You don’t have time for silly stories, do you? Sense of humour loss is also a sign of weariness so think for a moment if it got harder for you to look for positive sides of a problematic work case.

Don’t loose hope just yet..

You might be thinking that you don’t have time for any kind of relaxation. However, team retreats and offsites are meant to help you find the balance between work and having fun. You don’t have to treat it as a vacation, you can just change the scenery, bring your work and your team somewhere new where you could have a good swim in the sea right after you finish a report.

6 Signs Of Fatigue Or That You Really Need A Team Retreat

Read about other advantages of organising a team retreat here and don’t forget to have a look at the things you need to consider when having a team retreat of an offsite here.

And if your weariness does not allow you to even start, NextRetreat is here to help! 🙂

Inna Demianko
Inna Demianko
Retreat Specialist